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Electrical Rewiring In Tampa

If you’re looking at an electrical rewiring project for your home in Tampa or the surrounding areas, Charter Electrical is the local electrician to trust. As a trusted electrician, Charter Electrical offers experienced professionals who have many years of experience in the electrical rewiring of older homes throughout the Tampa area.

When there’s a problem with an electrical system that’s outdated, it’s important to have the issue taken care of to ensure the safety of the home. Risking fire or shock by continuing to use an outdated or faulty electrical system can put both the home and the family in danger. It’s a well-known fact that faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires in the U.S. However, not all old wiring will fail.

You can contact our experienced Tampa electricians today if you’re concerned about how your electrical system is operating. We can evaluate the type of wire you currently have as well as discuss the details of what it would take if you do need an electrical rewiring. We can perform a wiring inspection and then write up a competitive quote.

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Electrical Rewiring for Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire began to be installed in place of copper back when the price of copper rose too high. This was in general for building homes between 1960s to the mid to late 1970s. However, some builders had a supply in stock and continued to use aluminum after it stopped being manufactured. Therefore, some homes built in the early 1980s also have aluminum.

Aluminum wire has been known to overheat, this happens most often after mistakes made during electrical repairs or when a modern family moves into the home and starts to demand much more power than the electrical system is able to handle. This heavy load will continue to stress the entire system unless an electrical rewiring is performed.

Contact our professionals if you have questions about the process or think you may need to replace old wiring. Our expert electrician can evaluate the type of wiring you have and what may need to be done for safety.

Electrical Rewiring for Knob & Tube Wire

The operation of your home’s ceiling fans might seem simple enough, but there are actually a number of different issues that can arise over time that might impact their performance and function. Whether the issue is due to bad wiring, broken components, a bad motor, or whatever the case may be, our team of electrical repair specialists can help you get to the bottom of the issue and deliver the kind of quality service you need to get your ceiling fans working again like they should be.

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